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ZiP-RPA Isothermal Amplification Kit

ZiP-RPA Isothermal Amplification Kit

SKU: P003007

ZiP-Recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) employs a mixture of strand-displacing and polymerisation enzymes and reagents specifically engineered for rapid isothermal DNA amplification optimised at 37°C. This reagent is not only useful in diagnostic settings where elevated amplification temperatures are not possible but has applications as a tool in next generation sequencing workflows.


Standard supply is for Research Use Only.

This can migrate to a quality contract for supply and licensing for use in regulated animal health, food safety and human health applications. Contact Us for further enquiries.


Kit Contents

- 100 x ZiP-RPA polymerase beads

- 100 x dNTP beads

- 125 mL x Lysis Buffer

- 125 mL x Dilution Buffer

(Typically supplied with 3% over)


Manufactured in Australia by ZiP Diagnostics.

ZiP Diagnostics will supply RPA isothermal amplification kits with availability from October 2024. (Not for supply or use in US regions).