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ZiP-LSDV-P2 (Lumpy Skin Disease Test)

ZiP-LSDV-P2 (Lumpy Skin Disease Test)

SKU: P003232

Box of 20 tests.


The ZiP-LSDV-P2 runs on the ZiP-P2 instrument to provide fast and accurate qualitative detection of lumpy skin disease virus.

The ZiP-LSDV-P2 test aids diagnosis of lumpy skin disease in cattle and water buffalo. The test is inteded for field deployment and on-site testing (e.g. commercial or private farms, abattoirs, veterinary professionals, customs or importing/exporting sites, or other sites established for screening and testing purposes).

Research Use Only with approved institutions to support validation testing.

The ZiP-LSDV-P2 test contains all the components required for processing a specimen or quality control sample.


Advantages of the ZiP-LSDV-P2 test are:
- Direct detection of lumpy skin disease virus
- Takes skin nodule and skin lesion tissue samples, and nasal and oral (throat) samples with options for other sample types
- Sample to result within 15-30 minutes
- Sensitivity comparable to PCR
- Low-cost per test
- Room temperature storage

Manufactured in Australia by ZiP Diagnostics.