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ZiP-RPA DNA Amplification Kit

Product code: P003007

ZiP-Recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) employs a mixture of strand-displacing and polymerisation enzymes and reagents specifically engineered for rapid isothermal DNA amplification optimised at 37°C. This reagent is not only useful in diagnostic settings where elevated amplification temperatures are not possible but has applications as a tool in next generation sequencing workflows.


ZiP Diagnostics will supply RPA isothermal amplification kits with availability from March 2023.
(Not for supply or use in US regions).

Standard supply is for Research Use Only.

ZiP reagent supply can migrate to a quality contract for supply and licensing for use in regulated animal health, food safety and human health applications. Contact ZiP for preorder and supply scheduling.

ZiP reagents are manufactured in ISO-13485, GMP facilities.


Manufactured in Australia by ZiP Diagnostics.

-100 ZiP-AMP polymerase beads

-100 DNTP beads

-125mL lysis buffer

-125mL dilution buffer

(Typically supplied with 3% over)

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