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ZiP attends POC23

March 2023

ZiP Diagnostics is excited to attend POC23, the 1st Australasian conference on point-of-care testing for infectious diseases, held at Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park. This is a two-day conference (14-15 March) that brings together leaders in point-of-care testing (including research and industry), clinicians and other stakeholders with the goal of identifying challenges and solutions to decentralise and scale-up accurate diagnostic testing in community settings.

ZiP will exhibit their ZiP-CoVx-P2 point-of-care test*. The test is performed on a portable test system and provides results for SARS-CoV-2 within 30 minutes. Using this state-of-the-art technology, ZiP is developing a test menu that extends to other respiratory viruses, blood-borne viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, and mosquito-borne diseases.

Come see us at booth number 2, POC23, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park!

*The ZiP-CoVx-P2 test is not approved for use in all markets. 

ZiP representatives in attendance: Dr. Jack Richards (Scientific Director), and Dr. Khashayar Farrokzhad (Senior Research Officer, pictured above). 

News: Dec 2022 Vic Health Week

ZiP exhibits at Victorian Healthcare Week

December 2022

What a great way to wrap up 2022 by exhibiting at Victorian Healthcare Week in Melbourne! The two-day event brought together more than 1,000 healthcare professionals to explore the newest innovations from start-ups and to learn of reforms in digital health and patient experience.

ZiP Diagnostics had front row seats at the Start-Ups theatre where the team showcased our novel point-of-care diagnostics technology and its potential to elevate the standard of care through faster diagnosis. There was plenty of interest from hospitals, aged care, general practice clinics, other start-ups and consultants who were amazed by ZiP’s home-grown technology that is manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Highlights from the event included seeing founders from other start-ups pitch their healthcare solutions to a panel of expert CEOs, founders and venture capitalists. ZiP is privileged to be a part of developing Australia’s health tech manufacturing capabilities that will lead to better clinical outcomes for people near and far.

(Left) Emily Casey, Founder & CEO at What The Health, with Adam Zembrzuski, Head Of Commercial at ZiP Diagnostics.
(Right) Front row seats at the Start-Ups theatre,

News: Dec 2022 EAD Summit

On show at the EAD Summit

December 2022

ZiP Diagnostics was on show at the Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) Summit in Canberra. This meeting saw veterinarians from all sectors of the profession come together to learn of the latest information of current and emerging EAD threats to Australia. Government, industry, academic experts and veterinarians shared knowledge and discussed preparedness for diseases that pose significant biosecurity risks to Australia’s agricultural interests.

Emerging threats include Food-And-Mouth Disease, Hendra, African Swine Fever, Lumpy Skin Disease, Japanese Encephalitis and a host of other pathogens. A common theme in the management of exotic disease outbreaks is a rapid and coordinated response, with access to high-quality diagnostic testing being crucial.

This was ZiP’s first attendance at an animal health conference where we introduced our diagnostic capabilities for frontline testing for infectious diseases. The need for point-of-care testing in animal health settings is just as critical as it is in human health, and ZiP’s technologies can provide fast and accurate diagnostic results for use by frontline responders in outbreak settings.

Our journey towards developing a point-of-care test menu for animal infectious diseases has begun. We look forward to collaborating with Government, industry and veterinarians to manufacture diagnostic tests in Australia that will deliver improved clinical management and fast-track outbreak responses.

Bill Hopper, ZiP Diagnostics Technical Director with Dr Campbell Costello (aka Cozy), Outback & Airborne Veterinary Services.

News-Australian Made

Officially Australian Made

November 2022

Since our foundation, one of ZiP Diagnostics’ primary goals has been to build capability for advanced manufacturing in Australia. By designing and manufacturing innovative diagnostic products in Melbourne in our ISO13485 accredited facilities, ZiP is contributing to Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities.

In recognition of our capabilities and achievements, ZiP Diagnostics was recently authorised to bear the Australian Made Logo on its products. This logo is a true mark of Aussie authenticity and ZiP’s products will proudly bear the green and gold kangaroo.