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ZiP Diagnostics Flexes Its Manufacturing Muscle

Pictured: ZiP-CoVx-P2 test pack, and ZiP Diagnostics manufacturing team.

Even prior to the pandemic, ZiP Diagnostics understood the supply-chain risks that existed for Australia’s in vitro diagnostic test needs. Despite Australia’s proud legacy of scientific innovation, we still lag behind in manufacturing critical medical diagnostic supplies.

ZiP is committed to creating new technologies that deliver better point-of-care health outcomes but also to ensure Australian production of those tests. This will ensure domestic supply and also help to grow the number of local, highly-skilled jobs.

Over the last three years, ZiP has grown to a team of over 30 people. Many are responsible for GMP protein production, cartridge manufacturing and quality control. This production includes in-house design of automated manufacturing modules using artificial intelligence for product quality control.

Current production is being scaled-up to support several clinical trials and will enable production in excess of 50,000 tests per year. Further scale-up is underway to reach production capacity of 1 million tests per year.

It has been truly exciting to see such a hive of activity on the production floor in support of the clinical trials. Jack Richards, our Scientific Director and Founder was elated; “This is a great achievement and a very important milestone. It has been wonderful to see how everyone has rallied to get this job done. ZiP has always been committed to products that will bring better health care to people that need it most.”

Always working hard behind the scenes, our production team has a lot to be proud of and are already planning the further expansion of the manufacturing capabilities for ZiP’s imminent market entry.

*The ZiP-CoVx-P2 test is not approved for use in all markets.



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