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ZiP Test Systems

Test assays are loaded in sealed low cost plastic cartridges. The instrument incorporates an intuitive touch screen user interface that guides the user through the workflow, and provides real-time quantitative data acquisition. This approach provides sensitivity comparable to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Sample to result is achieved in less than 30 minutes.

Note, products in validation prior to regulatory approval. Currently for Research Use Only. 


ZiP-T1 Test System

The ZiP-T1 test system is a fully sealed point-of-care cartridge. Designed to operate as true point-of-care, outside laboratories, the sealed T1 cartridge ensures there are no manual fluid transfers, thereby minimising biohazard risk. Sample types include nasal, throat and saliva swabs that are added directly to the cartridge. The ZiP-T1 test system can operate with a dedicated single cartridge system or a four cartridge random access test instrument. 

ZiP-P2 Test System

The ZiP-P2 test system implements our detection assay in a low-cost cartridge format suitable for higher throughput test applications. Instruments can process up to two cartridges with continuous random access. This system can provide throughput of 4-6 tests per hour and banks of instruments can be run by a single operator with software linked test data.

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ZiP-H4 Test System

The ZiP-H4 test system has been designed such that all sample preparation processes are integrated into the cartridge and instrument, simplifying usability for operators. Sample types include genital swabs as well as urine. The ZiP-H4 test system operates with a single cartridge system, detecting at least 3 gene targets per test run.

ZiP-ARRAY Test System

The ZiP-ARRAY test system has been optimised for detection and interpretation of very small spot sizes in compact arrays, typically implemented on lateral flow membranes for functionalised plastic surfaces. Spots of proteins or particles are printed onto test strip cartridges using our test assay spotter. The ZiP-ARRAY test system operates with a single cartridge system.

Patent pending...