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Diagnostic Products

20221105_Cartriddge Pack MPx.jpg


Monkeypox test

Product code: P002978

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20221105_Cartriddge Pack CoVx.jpg


SARS-CoV-2 test

Product code: P002782

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20221107_Cartriddge Pack JEV.jpg


Japanese encephalitis test

Product code: P003026

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Biological Controls

20221105_Control SARS-CoV_2 Positive.jpg

Positive Control

Product code: P002885

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20221105_Control Human Respiratory Pathogen Negative.jpg

Human Respiratory Pathogen
Negative Control

Product code: P002887

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Datalogic Quickscan QD2590
Barcode Scanner 

Product code: P002951

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20221105_Cable Barcode.jpg

ZiP Barcode Scanner Cable

Product code: P002952

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20220806_Label Printer 4.jpg

Seiko Serial Label Printer, SLP 650-SE

Product code: P002985

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20221105_Cable Label Printer.jpg

ZiP Label Printer Cable

Product code: P003005

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20220806_Pelican Case 2.jpg

ZiP-P2 Instrument Pelican Case

Product code: P002984

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20221105_Training Box.jpg

ZiP-DEMO-P2 Training Box

Product code: P002941

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20221105_Swab 552C.jpg

Copan FLOQSwabs® 552C

Product code: P002489

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20221105_Swab 553C.jpg

Copan FLOQSwabs® 553C

Product code: P002561

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