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ZiP Exhibits at Victorian Healthcare Week

Pictured: (Left) Emily Casey, Founder & CEO at What The Health, with Adam Zembrzuski, Head Of Commercial at ZiP Diagnostics. (Right) Front row seats at the Start-Ups theatre.

What a great way to wrap up 2022 by exhibiting at Victorian Healthcare Week in Melbourne! The two-day event brought together more than 1,000 healthcare professionals to explore the newest innovations from start-ups and to learn of reforms in digital health and patient experience.

ZiP Diagnostics had front row seats at the Start-Ups theatre where the team showcased our novel point-of-care diagnostics technology and its potential to elevate the standard of care through faster diagnosis. There was plenty of interest from hospitals, aged care, general practice clinics, other start-ups and consultants who were amazed by ZiP’s home-grown technology that is manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Highlights from the event included seeing founders from other start-ups pitch their healthcare solutions to a panel of expert CEOs, founders and venture capitalists. ZiP is privileged to be a part of developing Australia’s health tech manufacturing capabilities that will lead to better clinical outcomes for people near and far.



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