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High sensitivity

molecular diagnostics

ZiP Diagnostics undertakes domestic manufacture of cutting-edge molecular diagnostic test systems for infectious diseases for laboratory and point-of-care applications.

ZiP systems provide the advantage of diagnostics that can be quickly deployed to deliver fast, accurate, low-cost and simple work flow testing. 

ZiP is developing test systems for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, in low to middle-income countries and a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic for Australian domestic applications.The ZiP-CoVx diagnostic test is intended for use in a broad range of settings, including: government, health, travel, defence, education, mining, industry, and sport.


ZiP Awarded $750k Commercialization Grant

ZiP Diagnostics has been announced as one of the successful recipients of the Department of Industry, Science and Technology, Accelerating Commercialisation grants scheme, receiving $750,000 to establish manufacturing facilities for customised protein production and commercialisation of low cost, high sensitivity molecular diagnostic tests. 

The Minister specifically identified two projects that had impressive health benefits and outstanding commercial potential. ZiP was one of these with the Minister stating “… the ZiP system promises to vastly reduce the amount of time required for infectious diseases results to be confirmed…”

Dr Jack Richards, ZiP Scientific Director, was very pleased to receive the grant , “This grant will provide ZiP important funding to ramp-up our Collingwood production facility and to provide a unique domestic capability to produce  low cost novel point of care molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, including COVID-19, for Australia and world markets.

April 2021