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ZiP-JEV-P2 Test

Product code: P003026

The ZiP-JEV-P2 runs on the ZiP-P2 instrument to provide fast and accurate qualitative detection of Japanese encephalitis virus. 

The ZiP-JEV-P2 test aids diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis in symptomatic individuals. The test is intended for use in dedicated test spaces (e.g. hospital emergency, intensive care, general practice, antiviral treatment clinics, or other sites established for screening and testing purposes). The test can also be used by laboratory-trained professionals in pathology settings. 

Research Use Only.

Always follow the instructions for use.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public.

The ZiP-JEV-P2 test kit contains all the components required for processing 20 specimens or quality control samples. The kit is transported to the user in 1 x Cartridge Box and 1 x Buffer Box.

Advantages of the ZiP-JEV-P2 test are:

- Direct detection of Japanese encephalitis
- Takes whole blood/plasma samples
- Sample to result within 15-30 minutes

- Sensitivity comparable to PCR

- Low-cost per test

- Room temperature storage

Manufactured in Australia by ZiP Diagnostics.

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