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20221105_Control Human Respiratory Pathogen Negative.jpg

Human Respiratory Pathogen Negative Control

Product code: P002887

ZiP's Human Respiratory Pathogen Negative Control is a full genome control for human cell DNA and RNA. Material is inactivated and non-infectious, and supplied as room temperature stored lyophilised beads. Reconstitution is with water.

ZiP's biological controls are optimsied for molecular diagnostics and may be used with standard swabs for quality control performance of nucleic acid amplification tests day-to-day, lot-to-lot and operator variation. 

This product is compatible with the ZiP-CoVx-P2 test.

Research Use Only.

Always follow the instructions for use.

Manufactured in Australia by ZiP Diagnostics.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public.

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